Born in Geneva, Swiss artist Ygrek became interested in graffiti from an early age and has been drawing since the late ’90s.

His primary motivation is to put his name up in public spaces where it is most visible and noticeable, his primary medium is bright colored tape , wool threads or even objects like tennis balls replacing brushes and paint.

As for his canvas he is usually seen using fences or gates. This is more than just an ego trip, however: his aim is bringing life to various dull urban surfaces such as fences and concrete walls.

The self-taught artist spends a lot of time drafting on paper before making the actual pieces.

He creates pixel-based typographic screens, all by hand.

He is constantly looking for a touch of originality to distinguish his work from that of other graffiti muralists.

YGREK, 2018, Bellalui [Alt. 2400-2600m],
photo: Instagrafite, East End Yovth