Creating nothing at all would be the only way to be completely sustainable. But for obvious reasons, this isn’t possible.

So, the best way to create sustainable art is for us to find the least harmful solution. Every year, we try to add several steps according to the latest innovations.

We’ve become rigorous with our choice of materials, ensuring they’re sustainable and long-lasting. Cans are reused for kids’ workshops, brushes are controlled so they don’t dry, and protections are reused if possible.

When it comes to waste management, every site also has different bins so that normal trash, cans, and paper are separated and brought to the recycling or disposal site. When we can, all artists are transported by train or bus.


Sustainable art is important to us, so we select our partners based on several criteria: the impact of the product, where it comes from, and where it will go. We selected Molotow as our spray partner, not only for their high-quality products, but because they’re the most innovative company regarding the development of green practices. The main office is also only four hours from our location. Sivacolor is a local paint supply manufacturer just 20 minutes from Crans Monata. All the acrylic paint we use is alcohol and dissolvent-free and has the same impact as an aquarelle color. Our lift partner, Airnace, is also local, as well as our housing partner, Les Roche, who is at the forefront of sustainable business development in our region. With our partner, Viva con Agua, we have eliminated plastic bottles from the festival and replaced them with reusable bottles since our local water is of excellent quality. Last, but not least, if you any ideas as regarding changes we can make – we’re always open to suggestions.