The success of our school project led us to an important conclusion: we need to do more to inspire the creativity of our local children. Summer camping in Crans-Montana opens their eyes to the wonder of the natural world. It also brings our young artists close to one of our most important art institutions, the Foundation Opale. 

The Foundation is a world leader in the field of Aboriginal art and its influence on other art forms. In collaboration with The Foundation Opale, we introduce this incredible body of work to the children and they agree to host the children from the camp for two days.

After their time together the young artists begin their own journey amongst the great works of art and apply the new skills on a wall (located in the car park.) All of this takes place under the supervision of Rosalind Monks and CRBZ, two artists from Western Switzerland.
And in partnership with
The Tschuppi Foundation, with its oversight in rollout and generous funding, you can see the result on level 3 of the Crans car park.

Scheduled for 3-4-5 August 

300 CHF (per child)


  • For ages 6 and older
  • Includes coaching, equipment, drink/food, t-shirt, and cap


ART CAMP gallery