Artists 2024

Cachetejack consists of two Spanish multimedia artists, creating colorful illustrations infused with irony and humor.
Sonny Sundancer's installations blend realism and abstraction, with large-scale wildlife murals advocating for conservation efforts.
Joram Roukes' darkly humorous work navigates personal experiences to global affairs, inspiring introspection through abstract narratives.
Graffiti artist, César Bilavie, innovates lettering with his experimental style inspired by poetry and surrealism.
Curtis Hylton creates large-scale murals, merging flora and fauna to inspire environmental awareness and cultural change.
Swiss illustrator Gaëlle Vejlupek draws from childhood folktales and vivid dreams, expressing symbolism through art.
Bienne Sèyo explores calligraphy and metaphysical landscapes – with work blending both gravity and humor.
Huariu uses halftones to depict large-scale groups and faces, creating abstract contrasts in black and grey.
Drü Egg, freelance illustrator and animator, creates art spontaneously to inspire viewers' own interpretations.
Nut modernizes traditional blue and white porcelain by blending ancient qinghua techniques with graffiti art.
Alex Sugar is known for his large-scale murals, merging elements of nature with surreal still-life scenes.
Jazi excels in 2D/3D lettering, portraits, landscapes, and abstract curves, treating each as a technical challenge.
Rittner Gomez’s paintings are inspired by his daily life and travels, having exhibited widely since 1993.
Mural artist and illustrator, Claire secured first place in the 2023 Battle of Styles illustration category.