VAF Battle of Styles


Celebrating our 6th annual Battle of Style, our competition for young artists will be held on 6 July in the Chetzeron car park. Join us as 16 of the brightest local Swiss stars of the art world, selected by portfolio submissions, will compete in two categories, illustration and lettering. 

Two themes will be given as options for inspiration:

“50 Years of Hip Hop (Battle of Styles theme)

An Ode to Nature (Overall Vision Arts Festiva 10l theme)

Piscine Le Sporting


Date: 6 July 2024

Time: 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm


1st Prize is an invitation to VAF10


In 2018, after the success of Vision Art Festival was established internationally, we decided to create a sister event that would give the world an opportunity to discover young talent. This was the birth of the “VAF BATTLE OF STYLES”, a one-day competition on the edge of the festival, presenting two current trends in Street Art: lettering and illustration. 

The artists, living in Switzerland or neighboring regions, accepted on application, are given equal surfaces and have one afternoon to create an original  piece on a central theme. At the end of the day the jury will choose two winners, one in each category, who will be invited to be part of the VAF line-up the following year.

Battle of Styles gallery