Born in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, in 1976, Tomaz Viana (TOZ), lives and works in Rio de Janeiro.

He began his artistic career through graffiti and is notably the founder of the first graffiti collective in Rio de Janeiro, the Flesh Beck Crew, which has since participated in many national and international graffiti events and influenced several generations of graffiti artists/writers in Brazil.

The creation of two characters in particular, Vendedor de Alegria (The Seller of Joy) and Insonia (Insomnia) marks a new stage in the work of the artist, who now works with new motifs and a different, more contrasting colour palette.

Vendedor de Alegria is a character created in homage to the itinerant vendors of colourful balloons that roam the beaches and parks of Rio de Janeiro. This character reflects the festive spirit and the contagious joy of Brazilians.

Insonia is a mythical creature of the night, an orixa, Afro-American deity from Africa and Yoruba religious traditions.