Born in Geneva, Switzerland and immersed in the graffiti milieu since 2000, TONES has grown as a writer within the EDK & DVS crew, directly inspired by the traditional New York style.

Funky technician of the letter & committed disciple of style, his specificity is to make his letters dance through connections, funk and flow while respecting the New York school codes.

Another specific feature of his work is to brighten letters up by fusing comic book illustrations, with use of vibrant colors. His first inspiration are his crew’s homeboys – Rey, Hews, Sneke in particular – as well as the legends of the New York graffiti such as Skeme, West, Doze and many more.

His style has evolved over time and as encounters with great representatives of the milieu during several travels abroad and participation in graffiti festivals.

His approach to graffiti has driven him to express himself mainly in the street, following the underground spirit of this art.