Artist, art Director and Illustrator from São Paulo, Tami Hopf is now based in the charming town of Vevey, Switzerland.

Her journey began in 2008 when she first started Hopf Studio, working mostly with digital illustration. Currently she also plays with tattoo machines and big murals. Her drawings are a mix of joy and sorrow, euphoria and loneliness. Often addressing life, love and the paradoxical relation between human beings and nature.

The mural done for the 7th edition of Vision Art Festival has only 3 colours and represents 2 female figures, eyes closed, head on each other’s shoulder, a large flower in the palm of the hand, on the head an enormous headdress of butterflies, one black the other white. In the background a gigantic golden halo, sun or moon, which gives the fresco a message of gentleness, friendship and peace.