Sylvie Fleury was born in Geneva, where she lives and works. Fleury’s technique consists of an initial portrayal of a characteristic form that is then enriched, enlarged, and further developed through the use of diverse media.

Form, color, and the graphic shaping of shoes, lipsticks, shopping carts, or fashion magazines become independent visual systems of representation in their own right, entering a new aesthetic scope. By blurring the lines between art and fashion her intent is not to open up the realm of art to that of fashion, rather it’s to point out the difference between the two: one cannot have an aesthetic experience by looking at fashion.

Objects, such as art, bring into play the intellect and, at the same time, invite us to reflect on what the cognitive process of understanding itself means.

In such sense, Fleury’s works are not an appropriation rather a customization, in the way that there is something more taking place: “[…] nowadays the readymade has become such an open road for artists. There are so many different ways to create a readymade”, in the artist’s words.

The female manicured fist represents Fleury’s radical movement of “Neo-feminism” , which in this instance is carried and raised by men in support of this movement.

Sylvie Fleury was awarded Swiss Grand Award for Art / Prix Meret Oppenheim in 2018 and  by the order of merit Chevalier des Arts et Lettres in 2020.

FLAG, 2018,
Lac Grenon [Alt. 1497m],
photo: East End Yovth