Tanya Heidrich, aka Stillo Noir is an artist, designer and muralist known for creating infinite varieties of black and white patterns.

Observing the world through lines, contrast and texture, Stillo Noir finds no greater joy than to translate what she sees into fun, unique designs that can be shared with others.

As a multidisciplinary creative, she works across a variety of mediums, blending the boundaries of pattern design, illustration, mural painting and fine art to bring vibrance and personality to spaces.

Originally from Switzerland and now based out of her sunny studio in Valencia, Spain, she is constantly creating new patterns, all of which are available to license and use on a variety of products.

The mural done in 2021 for VAF7 is located on the outside wall of a children day care center. Therefore Stillo Noir decided to add to the black and white patterns 3 mores colours, yellow pink and red, giving it a playful touch.