Winner of the 2018 (VAF) battle in lettering, Sphere Franco-Swiss artist, was born in the north of France, near Reims where he grew up.

He entered the world of graffiti at a very young age, around 2002 – 2003, passionate about hip-hop culture in all its forms and calligraphy. 

In 2005 he moves to Switzerland.

Since a very young age, SPHER has always admired around his home and during various trips, the lettering he deciphered on railways and highways, as well as on walls designed for graffiti artists.

He is part of a collective of about ten artists, mostly Swiss, called SMF.

Also passionate about mountains and nature in general, his participation in the Vision Art Festival was an opportunity for him to combine two of his greatest passions.

Adding another mural at the midstation of cable car Violettes Express the artist, choosing a single dominant colour, concentrated on using the letters of his blaze to create a 3D effect somehow disturbing the viewer to read just passing by.