Space Shots is a young contemporary artist from Ticino (Switzerland).

In addition to street art, he is involved in a wide variety of art forms. Through the local graffiti scene and hip-hop jams, he was able to get to know this technique and slowly developed it further. Today he paints walls for commissions and for himself.

He likes to play with the word “space” and deal with shapes, colours and dimensions. But he also likes to improvise and try to create sympathetic pictures on the spot that might make the viewer smile or even lead him to deeper thoughts.

For his participation in VAF7 in 2021, Space Shots, winner of the Battle of style 2020 and master of 3D, has taken up the theme of water, creating a mural representing an interweaving of rings in 50 shades of blue, which seems to be coming out of the wall, where huge drops of water are trickling down.

His water drops are more than real, the viewer really expects to see them dripping down the wall. This is also the impression one gets when looking at the mural he created in 2020 during the VAF battle of style in the Chetzeron car park at level P3.