Sven von Büren aka Sonic has been a legendary street artist master and pioneer of graffiti since the 80’s. Born 1970 in Biel, Switzerland, he started doing “scary” painting murals in 1983. 

His works have already been exhibited in over 30 exhibitions all over Europe. Among other venues, he painted live several times at the Royal Arena Openair.

His clients include Bosch, Sony, Migros as well as municipalities and cities and many more. His work has been documented in several publications.

Sonic has also been giving graffiti workshops at schools and team events for years.

In 2021 he was invited to VAF7, the 7th edition of the festival where he painted 2 murals. A huge double mural on level 5 of the parking lot Chetzeron dedicated to Yoda and Star Wars, with an incredible 3D impression taking the viewer right into the work.

The second one is located on the slopes at 1700m altitude on the departure station of a chairlift and features Sonic’s name in 3D in bright turquoise standing out on a black and copper backdrop.