« Study After Ferdinand Hodler »

The inspiration for this mural is based on the famous painting by Swiss artist Ferdinand Hodler, « L’étang long » painted in 1913 in Montana, somehow a tribute to the artist for the centenary of his death.

As an illustrator, Serval has been painting since the beginning of the nineties. From his very beginning he was dedicated to make his own way, concentrating on throw-ups and tags, before starting larger pieces.

A great fan of comics, Serval chose his name as a tribute to Wolverine, the fiction character of Uncanny X-Men, choosing the french version.

He spent some time in Australia and following his roots, he is very much influenced by American cartoons of the ‘50s – Tex Avery or older like Popeye or Betty Boop, appreciating their appealing aesthetic.

Far from copying other artists Serval created his own characters and a very personal signature, typical in the graphism of his style, his lettering, his way of life and his dancing in a constant search for evolution.

Serval lives and works in Geneva.