PixelPancho Studio is founded by PixelPancho, an artist born in Turin in 1984 and introduced to color and form by his grandfather, who painted occasionally.

Over time, his passion for art and design led him to the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts, followed by the Academy of Fine Arts in Valencia (Spain), where he obtained his degree.

During that time, he became familiar with the graffiti and street art scenes. Influenced by this world, he started using spray cans and markers and working on outdoor surfaces.

This clearly stood out from the classic paper and canvas formula which the other students were using at the time.

Traveling between his hometown in Turin and Valencia, Pixelpancho took every opportunity to be noticed on the streets, using different mediums such as tiles, wall painting and sticker/poster art.

Pretty soon his works were taking over many European cities, adorning wall after wall.