The artist duo One Truth consists of artists Dr.Drax, born in 1983 and Pase, born in 1981.

The two brothers live in Zurich, where they have helped enrich the cityscape with their creative and versatile graffiti art for many years.

But One Truth isn’t just known throughout Switzerland, but has also gained recognition in the international street art scene.

Back in 1998 Pase was making illegal graffiti art in the underground scene and later taught his brother Since their youth, the brothers have been creatively engaged.

Having learned the street art independently, the brothers perfected their technique over the years and developed their own style. Since 2003, they’ve been working under the name One Truth, with which they have achieved the international breakthrough.

Using spray and acrylic paint, the duo works hand in hand and creates colorful paintings featuring their typical little monsters that never look frightening, but rather cute and funny.

The figures often tell personal stories of the brothers. It’s about their solid relationship with each other, growing up without parents as well as their two dogs, who are their constant companions.

One Truth is also engaged in philanthropic work with disabled children for example and works against racism.

In 2021 One Truth was invited for VAF7 and realized a very long mural in the small village of Icogne, featuring again a bunch of cute and funny dogs, some very colourful others more monochromatic.

They seem to scroll on the wall of the tennis court while watching the players.

The children of the village watched the artists enthusiastically so One Truth wrote their names on the mural, adding little characters caricaturing them.