Louis Masai is a London-based painter, sculptor and muralist. He uses his art in the form of murals, paintings and installations as a way to highlight the 6th mass extinction, climate change and species equality.

Educated via the prestigious Falmouth School of Art, in his previous exhibition ‘Afrofabrication’, Louis entwined fabric patterns to animals, creating a comment upon the human requirement to be covered but yet, using flamboyant colors to gain the attraction of others.

Louis maintains a balance of finding human references to contrast a concept that at first may not be so clear, to question why some aspects of nature such as endangered species go ignored and less significant aspects are kept in the limelight.

For this piece Louis selected to paint in his own style two endangered alpine mammals, the mink (mustela lutreola) and the alpine mouse (Apodemus alpicola) showing us the fragility of our ecosystem.