Often categorized as “Grunge Art” Russian born Lora Zombie’s artworks are a wildly cartoonish mix of colourful comic book style features and fairy tale-like animals such as unicorns, mixed with elements of the punk and grunge music scene.

Heavily influenced by American cartoon shows and Jamie Hewlett’s drawings for the virtual British band “Gorillaz”, Lora Zombie, who has never attended art school, started drawing at a very young age.

Drawing and painting “everything fun” at first, over time her work became more and more political and now often features aspects of socio-criticism and self-empowerment.

Throughout the last years her work has become extremely popular and despite displaying it around the world she insists that most of it should be affordable to anyone interested in it.

Her mural in Crans-Montana is one of the highest murals done for Vision Art Festival, located at 2600m overlooking the valley and often covered in snow during the winter.

in situ
CLARITY, 2018-2023,
Bellalui [Alt. 2600m],
photo: Instagrafite, East End Yovth