By day, Irene Gil Lopez is an Urban Architect and Cédric Muller is a multi-awarded interactive designer. By night, they sleep.

Under the name “La troisième entité” ( The third entity ), they took over the street art form called Sticker Tagging, this discipline and language born in late 80’s that covers the cities of a network of graphical filigrees.

Irene endeavors to give new meanings to places and provoke reactions where the viewer becomes an actor and the use of ones memory is responsible for communicating a unique moment. Her timeless work has been exhibited in Spain, Switzerland, London and Shanghai.

Cédric is passionate about randomness and contemplation. His works revolve around the theme of dreams.

Together, they create unique moments and propel those who are conscious into a parallel space all the while, liberating their emotions.

With a keen eye for detail, to the singularity of each piece, they design immersive experiences.

For the Vision Art Festival, their project’s aim was to write a story echoing the town of Crans-Montana by inserting sentences in different areas of the domain. Each sentence allows the viewer to reflect, develop an emotion, a reaction, and even a few smiles while discovering each phrase in the form of a journey.

in situ
29 interventions