Issam Rezgui or Jasm One, is a Swiss and Tunisian artist. Born in Geneva in 1983, he grew up in Valais and now lives in Lausanne.

His work exposes “the trace”, symbol of memory, imprint and existence, individual and collective.

The strength of his work lies not only in visual quality and artistic relevance, but also in revealing identity, practices and processes, following the trace as a vector of knowledge and construction, essential to any society.

Over the past 20 years, its approach and national recognition have been built through an approach fragmented into three distinct and inherent types of interventions.

His minimalist studio work approaches the subject through introspection and personal identity.

His graffiti and urban works, which he has signed under the name of Jasm One since 1998, transpose the trace through his own environment and culture, as well as society in general.

Finally, he makes the trace no longer a consequence but a responsibility through action and commitment as a work in itself.

He materializes it by a significant investment in the creation of substantial associative and collective projects.

in situ
007, Hommage to Roger Moore,
2018 -2020 Hotel Le Green [Alt. 1500m],
photo: Aleiko Studio, VAF

Regards sur la vallée and Paysanne et hibou 2015 – 2019
Marolires, cable car Violettes express [Alt. 1680 m] photo: VAF