In this fresco on a former chairlift station lost on the high pasture at 1800m, the subject chosen by the 2 artists refers to the daily lives of children in regions ravaged by conflict.
But here everything is fine, the world seems perfect, the sun is shining and only the sound of birds or cowbells breaks the silence.
The child is playing children’s games, simple games that have nothing to do with technology, carefree and serene, flying his paper planes. Dazzled by the sun, he blinks as his toys take different directions.

In addition to the collaboration with Nuno Viegas, Ino painted a huge portrait on the roof of the building with the title “Headshot” , a potential tax evader with a undeclared account in a Swiss bank and mentioned in the Lagarde list. The portrait can only be seen from the air, taking the cable car of Violettes Express.


Painting on a very large scale, INO is one of the most recognized Greek urban artists. Since 2000, he has developed his distinctive style characterised by fragmented forms, photorealistic elements and a greyscale colour palette with hints of light blue.

His works deal with social and political themes that affect the ordinary man and woman, creating a dialogue between the viewer and the artwork.

Originally from Piraeus, a port city in the Athens area, the artist, like many others, prefers to keep his identity secret.

A graduate of the Fine Arts, painting section, INO studies photography, typography, multimedia, hypermedia and graphic design.

His large-scale murals, mostly in black and white, attract the attention of passers-by with messages addressing social and political issues ranging from the economic crisis, recession and poverty to restrictions on freedom of expression, racial discrimination and the consequences of war in Ukraine, Syria and other Middle Eastern countries.

INO’s work “In Search of Sunrise” created for the BLOOP 2016 festival in Ibiza depicts a white dove searching for the sunrise and is both inspired by and dedicated to the refugees constantly arriving on Greece’s shores.


Also known as Metis, Portuguese artist born in Faro (1985) and raised in Quarteira, he is the founder of the art collective Policromia Crew and started his artistic career with graffiti in 1999.

After studying visual arts at the University of Algarve, he moved to Rotterdam, the Netherlands (2014), embracing a new artistic identity and started to develop his paintings strongly influenced by the graffiti scene.

This has been the focal point of the artist’s production and his greatest source of inspiration.

Nuno insists on the contrast between the visually aggressive and sometimes dirty reality of traditional graffiti and its peaceful and clean representation in his works.

A permanent tribute to all those who dedicate part of their lives to this scene, the graffiti writers, where the definition of graffiti tends to blur and merge with street art. which launched the artist on the international scene, quickly attracting the attention of Urban Nation Berlin, Yasha Young Projects, Graffiti Prints, Thinkspace Gallery and Underdogs Gallery and spreading on walls and art venues all over the world, always aiming to move towards his dream – tagging the moon.

At the end of 2019, Nuno returns to his hometown of Quarteira, Portugal, where he is currently based.