Born in Iran, the fraternal duo currently residing in Brooklyn, New York uses a multitude of various artistic techniques to further elaborate upon their art, from stencil art to interventions, video installations and more.

In 2006, the two artist brothers started as stencil artists and have come a long way since their beginnings in their native country of Iran.

Today, they are regarded as some of the most important urban artists, contributing to the global urban art culture through their various artistic expressions.

Their work can be seen in galleries as well as outdoors, and it’s always conveying important messages of human rights issues, criticism of capitalism and other socio-political issues.

The brothers’ playful and entertaining approach to the topics they depict is the twist that makes their art even more powerful.

In this instance the mural created morphs with the alpine background in the spirt of love, kindness and family.

Icy and Sot were awarded “Best Message” at the Street Art Awards 2018.