Miguel Ruiz Guillén (1979) Elche, Spain, is a multidisciplinary artist. He grew up in an artistic family, versed in music and art. His father is a highly respected sculptor in Andalusia, having created a number of works in the public space of his region, and he worked with him from an early age.

Guillén’s work is mainly oriented towards sculpture, using wood, polystyrene or other materials like stone, bronze or polyester, which he eventually paints according to his project. Among the great challenges he has taken up recently, it is worth mentioning two recent projects carried out in 2022 for his country of origin. On the one hand, his participation in the “Certamen International Escultura”, within the framework of the “Monumento a la Semana Santa de Crevillent”, where he finished 2nd, and the commission of his father’s birthplace, a bronze bust in his effigy, in commemoration.

In 2021 Guillén participated in the VAF7 – the 7th Vision Art Festival and created a sculptural work in the arrival tunnel for skiers at the Signal – Arnouva cable car, which attracted attention. Chunks of ice of various sizes are oozing from the ceiling. A vibrant message about global warming and the dramatic melting of the glaciers in Valais in particular.

Then in 2022, Guillén will be one of the 7 artists chosen for the “VAF back to school” project, where he will create with the children of the Pavillon Genevois primary school, a huge snake on the wall of the gym, “The snake between galaxies and shapes”. For two weeks, during workshops with all the children, Guillén guided them in the creation of this work of more than 10m long, on which the children worked alone or in small groups, painting the scales in colour and adding sculpted elements. This exceptional project was carried out in collaboration with the schools of the communes of Crans-Montana in the spring of ’22 and included nearly 80 children in this school.

Guillén currently lives and works in Crans-Montana, Switzerland.