The story told by this fresco can be read in 4 episodes, the 4 sides of this building perched at 2112m, surrounded by pastures where cows graze in summer and a ski lift departs in winter.

It’s the story of a young man, in perfect communion with nature, looking back on his childhood.

He sees himself as a little boy.

There are 4 sides to this tale. On the one you can’t see straight away, he’s lying on the grass, dreaming, carried away by the beauty of the landscape and the incredible calm that surrounds him.

Soft, transparent swirls of colour escape from his open palm.

Could they be memories? The wind carries them away and they circle the building, the bird, his consciousness like Jiminy Cricket in the tale of Pinocchio, is astonished and freezes for a moment, and finally they reach the other facade.

He then let himself be carried away by the panorama and it was an explosion of colours, inspired by the surrounding nature, the flowers, the grasses, the sky, the clouds, the dam below, the lunar mountains all around.

And he paints and paints, he just can’t stop!


A visual artist who lives and works in Athens, Greece, he graduated from the School of Fine Arts.

His practice focuses on the reinterpretation of reality through the visualization of recurring colour contrasts.
Inspired by the aesthetics of glitch art, he tells parallel stories through multiple layers of movement, form and texture.

His figurative expression is part of an abstract language where dysfunction, error and deformation coexist in an environment of harmonious deconstruction and seeks to work on different surfaces using mostly tanks.

Through visual distortions and anomalies, he creates fragmented structures that redefine the limits of reality and the illusion of perfection.

In his latest works, on a very large scale, they are transposed onto canvases with abstract forms, optimizing the application of antithetical materials.

in situ

“I have always admired the ability of some artists to reflect life, not as it is, but as we perceive it; where emotions are more revealing of how we see the world than our senses. That’s art, isn’t it? To feel something”.

Alex Senna is an artist from São Paulo, whose expressive, lanky characters bring softness to their urban environment.

These characters and their interactions usually revolve around love and relationships, whether it is a romance between an older couple, young playful lovers or the feelings of a lasting friendship.  Senna’s work invites the audience into these intimate interactions and evokes a sense of nostalgia.”


Caroline Caldwell