Based in Spain, Pantone is a byproduct of the technological age when kids unlocked life’s mysteries through the Internet.

As a result of this prolonged screen time, he explores how the displacement of the light spectrum impacts color and repetition.

Pantone evokes a spirit in his work that feels like a collusion between an analog past and a digitized future, where human beings and machines will inevitably glitch alongside one another in a prism of neon gradients, geometric shapes, optical patterns, and jagged grids.

For Pantone, his art is a meditation on the ways we consume visual information.
Drawing inspiration from kinetic artist like Victor Vasarely and Carlos Cruz-Diez — who both utilized the moiré effect (in which lines of contrasting color give the impression of movement) — his contemporary work produces the sensation of a perpetual vibration as the viewer’s position changes in relation to the work.