The Lausanne-based artist CRBZ offers mostly abstract calligraphy, playing with full and untied strokes, shadows and lights. By deconstructing letters and recomposing them, no longer considered writing but a creative movement, a dynamism of forms inviting the viewer to dream.

Winner of the VAF Battle of Styles 2019, where he was awarded a special prize for his mural in the parking lot of Chetzeron, CRBZ attended VAF6 with an amazing mural located in the arrival station of the cable car Violettes Express. The dark blue backdrop, reminiscent of the dominant colour of the mountain skies, comes to life through the repetitive white arabesques of CRBZ’s different brush strokes.  

In 2022 CRBZ was one of the artists involved in the project “VAF retour à l’école” ( VAF Back 2 skool) where he painted a long wall with over 130 schoolchildren in a tunnel near the school, introducing them to his style . Adding his personal mural on the other wall of the tunnel, a reflection like a mirror in gold and white of the more classical calligraphic work on a deep blue background, CRBZ’s typical calligraffiti abstract brush strokes once again captivates the viewer.