BROKEHAND, born in 1980 in the city of Valencia, Spain and currently living in Basel, Switzerland.

In 1994 he started in the graffiti world influenced by the great local Valencian graffiti artists of the time and by the HIP HOP culture. In his early years, he tried different names. But it was not until 1996 when he began to sign with the tag BROKE, which was inherited from a local graffiti artist who stopped painting graffiti and gave the name BROKE to him.

Since 2011, he has signed all his pieces as BROKE HAND. Why? While painting a mural, BROKE suffered a fall from the top of a staircase, fractured his right wrist and had to undergo surgery in hospital. After being out of work for almost half a year and doing rehabilitation to recover as much mobility in his wrist as possible, he decides to put a second name on his tag, as if it were a surname: HAND.

His graffiti can be classified as a semi wild style, but always changing the shapes of the letters and avoiding being repetitive with the same style of piece.

“Since I entered the world of graffiti it has been part of my life. It has not been just a passing fashion but came to stay and set me free in this world full of injustices and fashions imposed for pure consumption“.

Winner of the Battle of styles 2021, Broke hand was invited in 2022 and painted the alphabet in lettering style on the big wall at a children day care centre.