Lukas von Burg, better known as Bax, is a Swiss artist who originates from the region of Bern. From an early age, he painted to better visualise his fantasies. Initially depicting fanciful machines, he now paints dreamy pictures in which he captures the beauty of life. Experimenting for the first time with spray cans in 2015 it marks a major turning point in his work.

There is nothing more beautiful than nature itself, where he learned to paint as a self-taught artist. However, he has also received useful advice from many people. This combination and variety has resulted in a very special way of painting things.

This freedom of approach is also reflected in the choice of motifs and their realisation. He is fascinated by almost everything and likes to capture it in a painted image.

Bax is very much inspired by the art of the past, where painting was not only about the aesthetics of the rendering and was timeless. Before the world of Instagram changed our perceptions ….

Winner of the Battle of Style 2021 in the category illustration, Bax was invited in 2022 and the mural for VAF8 was inspired by its location, right in front of a local bar, reflecting the situation that might occur after a long and enjoyable evening.