1010 (born in Kętrzyn, Poland, 1979) is a Hamburg-based contemporary artist inviting the observer to enter a world of graphic illusions and alluring colors he creates on walls around the world by means of op art.

The viewer’s vision is manipulated creating the illusion of three-dimensional gaps or colorful portals that go through walls andurban spaces.

For more than a decade 1010 has been painting walls. But he also takes his works to a smaller scale by using different materials and techniques as making papercuts, working with acrylic paint on alu dibond or canvases, installations and lately he has been exploring the medium of projections.

As early artistic inspiration 1010 often speaks of computer games, animated films, comics und fantasy novels. After experimenting with different graphic concepts and by using means of op art, he started the concept of the abstract holes on facades in 2010.

The holes and portals underly a strong but also classical artistic concept, which reaches way back and which works with a quite subtle coloring as decisive element. A fine arrangement of colors and shadows, the unique forms, their peculiar aesthetic and strong effects of graphical illusion convey a perfect optical illusion.