Crouched by the river, Lucia, accompanied by her dog, rinses bowls and jugs. In this very rural fresco, the young woman seems pensive, yet in perfect communion with the nature that surrounds her.

The portrait of the young woman balances the composition with the pottery and the symbolic link with femininity.

In this work, each artist has integrated his own pictorial identity, Manolo the pottery, Slim the portrait for example, seeking a union between the environment and the subject, the abstraction of the paint and colours, the resistance of the pottery, the deliberate choice of white in reference to the snow and also to the milk of the cows grazing in the surrounding pastures.

Particular attention was paid to the colours chosen, to make the composition stand out against a background of pristine snow.

in situ
Born in 1989. Lives and works in Bilbao (Spain). Manolo Mesa’s poetic work is an ode to the existence of Man, his solitude, his melancholy. The work of memory of the forgotten places that he transforms is omnipresent in his work. He pays homage not only to the human being, his deep nature but also to his history through figurative works. In recent years, he has developed subjects related to still life, fruit and ceramics.

Born in Berga (Barcelona) in 1995, graduated from the Fine Arts University of Barcelona. At the age of 12 he instinctively began to dive into the world of urban art and painting, he has been present, both nationally and internationally, in the panorama of the scene since 2017. Co-founder and member of @malpais.malpais, a polyhedral OFF SPACE focused on artistic production with a large exhibition space and annual programming in Barcelona. A muralist and painter, his works are large format paintings that use street walls as canvases. The main themes of his work and research through painting and photography revolve around education, indoctrination and human behaviour and its relationship with the figures of power around him.