From a very young age Julio enjoyed drawing and at the age of 6 he was enrolled at a fine arts academy by his parents. Having participated in local exhibitions and art contests he later did his baccalaureate allowing him to join the University of Fine Arts in Malaga.

While attending university the artist experimented with many different themes, motifs and techniques. After a long period of research he came to do what he is doing today, metapainting. He decided to take the radical decision to directly paint the painting with its frame and shadow on various forms of canvas, discarded cardboard, designer shoe boxes and packaging: the artistic object.

One day Imon Boy, a friend and graffiti artist, suggested he go and use the walls in the streets as canvas’s applying his unique studio technique. Upon looking at his completed murals, Julio, approved of what he saw and decided this was exactly what he was looking for and has continued bringing his unique style to the streets.