Fanakapan (UK) Fanakapan is one of the favourite artists on the London and even UK and global Street Art scene, someone who strikes by the way in which he relentlessly strives to push the boundaries and the focus on his work.

Who said murals were only in 2D? Fanakapan pushes back street art’s limits by creating a 3D illusion. Since 2010 he creates murals representing helium balloons that you can find in fun fairs and birthdays. This letters look like an original typography and make his signature very particular. Spray cans are enough to create this ultra realistic artwork.

Fanakapan started painting on the streets in 2000 around Bournemouth and Bristol following his studies at art school and finding its roots in the skate culture he was immersed in at the time. Starting out with creating five layered stencil designs, it wasn’t long before Fanakapan found this an unfulfilling medium with which to express himself. From this point he also started to hone his artistic talents in a variety of mediums in a professional capacity, making props for tv shows and sculptures for such prestigious institutions as the London Aquarium (still on present for those interested).

For this wall Fanakapan wandered through the local Friday market looking for something typical swiss and picked out a shiny chrome key chain reprensenting a cow. The 3D painting is absolutely amazing picturing also the shadows of the environment, the sky and the reflection of the sun.