Board of directors at Fotografiska museum

Founder & Board member of Fotografiska Museum.

Born in Sweden in 1962 of a Swedish mother and father. He studied at Chalmers Technology University where he received a Master of Science in 1986.

Since his early adult years he has been very fond of collecting art and to be associated with the art scene in the countries he has been active in. His many years spent abroad where he has for example served as President for Volvo Trucks in Asia and during his many years in Japan and China he took an active role in the growing and exciting art scene in those countries.

In 2010 he decided to take part in the opening of a new museum in Stockholm. The Fotografiska Museum was formed and opened its doors to the public in May the same year. The Museum has very extensive plans to grow its operation into new markets around the world.

He is a passionate collector and his collection includes artists like Zeng Fanzhi, Liu Ye, Warhol, etc.